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  • MOS Version Supported
  • 2.6, 2.8.1, 2.8.2, 2.8.3

  • Profiles Supported
  • Profile 1   Yes
  • Profile 2   Yes
  • Profile 3   Yes
  • Profile 4   Yes
  • Profile 5   No
  • Profile 6   No
  • Profile 7   Partial



NewsMaker is the automation bridge between the AP ENPS New Room Computer System and the NewTek TriCaster.

NewsMaker features a MOS-based interface with an ActiveX plug-in that integrates directly with ENPS.

This Active-X interface enables TriCaster production elements including  Switcher Effects, Audio, IFB, Graphics, Clips, Routers and Cameras to be placed directly into the ENPS rundown. Any rundown changes made in the ENPS rundown are immediately updated in the TriCaster. The newscast can be run with the TriCaster in a fully automated mode, a semi-automated mode or manual assist, all made possible with NewsMaker.


Supported AP ENPS Workflow

Media Awareness

This device sends ENPS a description of the media it stores.  The description contains structured metadata and a pointer to the media object. This information is used by ENPS to return media in search results. Pointers are used to link media to ENPS documents, including Stories, Running Orders and Assignments using simple drag and drop workflow.

Running Order Control

This device allows ENPS to dynamically build and control a playlist within the media server. Changes to the Running Order in ENPS result in immediate changes to the sequence of media objects queued for playout by the media server.

Item Status

This vendor sends real-time status information during playback and other functions which is displayed through ENPS writers and producers in real-time. This includes the use of a minimum set of standard status messages which enable color coding and the automated movement of the ENPS timing bar.

Automatic Placeholder Creation

ENPS can automatically create and name placeholders within this vendor's server into which finished clips ready for play out can later be edited, saved, or recorded.  The name and other metadata used to automatically create this placeholder is drawn from the related ENPS Story and Running Order. The vendor then updates ENPS with duration and other information as the placeholder is replaced with the actual media.

Channel Assignment

This product enables ENPS users to directly assign media play-out channels from the ENPS Running Order.

NewsMaker NewsGateway ActiveX Plug-in

ENPS users can discover media stored on this device through the use of simple searches within ENPS. When a media description or link is found in ENPS, a user may simply click on the media to view it. The media can be linked to ENPS Running Orders, Stories and Assignments by simply dragging it into and ENPS document.

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