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  • MOS Version Supported
  • 2.6, 2.8, 2.8.1, 2.8.2, 2.8.3

  • Profiles Supported
  • Profile 1   No
  • Profile 2   Yes
  • Profile 3   No
  • Profile 4   Yes
  • Profile 5   Yes
  • Profile 6   No
  • Profile 7   No



WinPlus, a Windows-based prompting package, was designed to combine a point and click interface with an intuitive on-screen display. The system interfaces with ENPS via MOS to provide stand-alone prompting for presentation and general production in both the studio and on location. It includes an active Running Order which can be manipulated at any time during scrolling. It is also possible to do instant prompt editing.

WinPlus works with all languages and fonts available in TrueType and Adobe. Virtually any mix of typefaces and sizes can be selected for both the edit screen and prompter output. WinPlus is available in versions that meet any localization requirements for a given language including Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Thai.

Supported AP ENPS Workflow

Running Order Control

This device allows ENPS to dynamically build and control a playlist within the media server. Changes to the Running Order in ENPS result in immediate changes to the sequence of media objects queued for playout by the media server.

Buddy Fail-Over

This product supports automatic redundant operation with both Primary and Buddy ENPS servers.

Story Send

This product uses the full body of text within ENPS documents, including all media pointers and custom metadata. This product also dynamically tracks the sequence of Stories and Assignments within active ENPS Running Orders and Assignment grids.

Autoscript ActiveX Plug-in

Autoscript provides an ActiveX plug-in for ENPS which provides a view of the prompter interface from within the ENPS user interface.  The Autoscript ActiveX allows the user to control playback and or execution

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