Industry-leading technology

ENPS is the world's most popular new broadcast news production system.

Used by journalists in almost 800 newsrooms in 60 countries, ENPS fits the needs of demanding news environments by including powerful, easy-to-use features to give journalists the tools to focus on their craft and let the technology run in the background.

For broadcasters, ENPS is the ideal solution, featuring scalable, dependable architecture that can be tightly integrated with third party products.

We chose AP ENPS because it is proven - robust, future-proof and expandable. As a major broadcaster within the region, we have to be confident that we are providing the best for our viewers and that we are able to keep pace with demand and future requirements. This newsroom system satisfies this objective.Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU), Cairo, Egypt

Key ENPS Features

> Exclusive search technology lets journalists retrieve content from all areas of the system.
> Drag-and-drop customizable interface.
> Can seamlessly connect multiple newsrooms of a single enterprise.
> Integrate and control external media systems through the MOS (Media Object Server) protocol.
> Included Web authoring and publishing system.
> More than 60 languages supported; multiple languages can be used in single system.
> Complete off-line and remote access capabilities.
> Prompter software included.
> Detailed on-line and CD-based customized training modules.

Industry-leading Technology

> ENPS regularly releases major upgrades. This keeps ENPS ahead of the curve with our technology.
> All customers have input. All customers share the benefits of features added for other customers.
> Extremely robust software.
> Easily customizable.
> Minimal maintenance needed by station personnel.

We understand your needs and your deadlines.