Working together

Key to the success of AP ENPS is its ability to work with a wide variety of other products and systems supporting video, audio, graphics, and other media types.

In fact, integration is often so seamless that it's difficult to determine exactly where AP ENPS workflow stops and where another product begins - and that was the goal, because users need not care how systems work together as long as they work well together.

We hope the insight will help you align your needs with other companies, products, and features.

For those with a need for deeper technical understanding, the AP ENPS Integration Guide will answer many questions.

AP ENPS is the first system we've seen which realizes the promise of newsroom systems. It really does provide integration of functions, and it does so with a strikingly simple user interface. With its open standards, AP ENPS gives us a roadmap to a future in which we must process increasingly large flows of information and data with a small staff.WCAX-TV, Burlington, Vermont, USA