ESPN and the 2014 FIFA World Cupô

Photo: ESPN control room in Brazil

One would expect covering the 12 venues of the FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil to be a complex dance of technology for ESPN. At least one element is easy: extending AP ENPS to the productions from Brazil.

Joe Sack, Senior Director of the ESPN Media Technology Group, says in the past they would have sent a remote kit to establish an AP ENPS network at events of this magnitude. But that wasn’t necessary as they already had AP ENPS established in their Sao Paulo operation. Sack says it was easy to expand the existing AP ENPS for the World Cup event. ESPN made a simple system architecture improvement. Sack added a group folder for World Cup on the primary server in Bristol, CT and everyone covering the event works from that folder, no matter where they are. 

Kelly Nigro, ESPN Technical Product Analyst says they also deployed ENPS Mobile to staff in Brazil so they could have remote access to the rundowns. The Mobile server they hit is also located in Bristol.

ESPN has had plenty of practice covering World Cup. They have the 2010 South Africa event under their belt as well as the 2011 Women’s World Cup hosted by Germany. “The story is, our team is used to this and everything is working smoothly. ENPS has been very successful for us”, according to Sack. 

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