AP ENPS Mobile

The Mobile News Solution You Have Been Waiting for is Here

Give your staff in the field mobile access to the same powerful AP ENPS that colleagues use in the office.

AP ENPS Mobile puts multiplatform news production in your hands anywhere, via smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

  • Send video and photos via ENPS Mobile to your production systems.
  • Write stories.
  • Message co-workers.
  • View assignments.
  • View rundowns.
  • Search wires.
  • Search contacts.
  • View and edit stories in a special enhanced mode in the Tablet Story Viewer situations.

- ENPS Mobile Smartphone Menu
The ENPS Mobile menu carries the same look and feel as the newest ENPS version.

Access newswires, click into your local group folders for rundowns and planning grids, find content from other locations across your enterprise, search contacts and see what events are on the calendar.







- ENPS Mobile Smartphone Story with Media
Just arrived to a breaking story?

Get the first photos or video back to the newsroom already integrated into your AP ENPS story. 

Attaching media to the story is as easy as the media upload to a phone message, Twitter or Facebook.

The advantage is speed. 

The media in your ENPS Mobile story is embedded, ready to be integrated to your production systems back in the newsroom.





- ENPS Mobile Tablet Rundown
The rundown in ENPS Mobile is as dynamic as it is in the newsroom. 

Updates are in real-time. 

Open and edit stories. 

Users can configure the columns they wish to see in their mobile view.

- ENPS Tablet Story Viewer
The Tablet Story Viewer (TSV) gets updated in the new ENPS Mobile to allow for opening and editing scripts. 

You can also see  the timing bar during live show production.

Be Efficient Anywhere

  • Touch friendly user interface for smartphones and tablets. The AP ENPS Mobile interface is consistent across all mobile devices, thanks to our responsive design.
  • Send content to your broadcast and digital production teams. AP ENPS Mobile brings the core system functionality you need to get news images from field to consumers quickly.
  • Never miss an update. Real-time updates are received on mobile devices just as they are for newsroom desktop users.
  • Configure a personal rundown view for your mobile device. This is particularly helpful for talent using the Tablet Story Viewer on set or in the field.
  • iOS and Android apps make it easy to be AP ENPS Anywhere efficient.


To learn more about AP ENPS, please contact us or request a live demonstration.