For almost two decades, AP ENPS has led the broadcast industry with MOS-based integration of dozens of audio, automation, graphics and video systems.

Now, the Open API extends the power and reach of AP ENPS to support myriad use cases where traditional MOS-based integration may not be the best solution.

The Open API gives customers and vendor partners an easy method to create and deploy custom applications that leverage the data stored in AP ENPS.

The Open API could connect AP ENPS with a traffic system, CMS or an external database that gives a graphic look at all of the elements and costs that went into producing a newscast.

Applications of the Open API are only limited by your imagination.

Below are a sample of the solutions the AP ENPS Open API offers to improve your performance:

  • Offers access to a wide scope of content and configuration information within AP ENPS.
  • Allows both read and write access to content.
  • Leverages the existing AP ENPS Web Service Suite architecture.
  • Limits the load that can be placed on AP ENPS subsystems, such as the NOM, in order to reduce any performance degradation as a result of repeated calls to the API.
  • Includes business logic to limit, as much as possible, post processing of data.
  • Follows a REST architecture and provides data in JSON format.
  • Provides both a request(pull)-based mechanism for retrieving data from AP ENPS, as well as a subscription(push)-based mechanism for receiving updates to data objects in AP ENPS.


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