AP ENPS Social Media

Social Media is Integrated into your Newsroom. Today it is Integrated into AP ENPS.

Whether you’re tweeting the latest news or posting video to Facebook, AP ENPS has you covered. Social media tools are built in, so you can get the news out faster and take more control over the process.

AP ENPS has two-way social media engagement allowing you to post to Facebook and Twitter and see the public’s feedback. Monitor social media, too, by bringing your Twitter feed and YouTube searches into AP ENPS. Easily view any media in those wires with one click. Everyone on your team will see the tweets or YouTube items - in the newsroom or in the field

Be More Connected with AP ENPS Social Media

  • Fast, simple, integrated posting to Twitter and Facebook.
  • See the public’s feedback to Facebook and Twitter posts.
  • View Twitter and YouTube as news wires.
  • Post media content quickly and easily from your production system to social media.
  • AP ENPS social media is secure. Passwords are encrypted allowing only authorized users to post to company accounts.
  • Multiple social media accounts per user can be enabled through AP ENPS.
  • Reach and read the world of immediate news with an integrated workflow.
  • All postings are logged so you can easily review your organization’s social media output.


To learn more about AP ENPS, please contact us or request a live demonstration