AP ENPS Tablet Story Viewer

Throw Away the Paper, Leave the Laptop in the Newsroom

The AP ENPS Tablet Story Viewer (TSV) allows anchors and reporters to read, review and edit stories directly on an Apple iPad or qualified Android tablet. No more printing and distributing paper copies for studio use. The touch-friendly TSV gets real-time updates to studio and field talent. Anchors and reporters have their story and the full contents of the running order anywhere they have access to a wireless connection.

The TSV is part of AP ENPS Mobile. AP ENPS powered newsrooms access AP ENPS content using laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Be More Efficient with the AP ENPS Tablet Story Viewer

  • View stories full screen or split the screen with the story and rundown.
  • Create an individualized view of the rundown for viewing in ENPS Mobile with AP ENPS version 7.
  • Connect using Wi-Fi or mobile network.
  • Edit stories within the rundown.
  • Rundown updates to the TSV are in real-time while wirelessly connected. TSV stores a full copy of the rundown and its stories for access even if the wireless connection is lost.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the rich ENPS client and ENPS Mobile.
  • Available as an app for iOS and Android or run the TSV in a browser. AP ENPS Mobile version 3 runs on current versions of Chrome, IE and Safari (for OSX and IOS) browsers. The ENPS Mobile native app requires Apple iOS 6+ or Android 4.4+.


  • Save money on paper and printing costs.
  • Simple navigation to all stories.
  • No VPN required.
  • Real-time updates to anchors in the studio and reporters in the field.

To learn more about AP ENPS, please contact us or request a live demonstration