ENPS MOS Integration

MOS is short for Media Object Server, a powerful and widely-adopted open standard communications protocol (MOS protocol) used to integrate and link newsroom computer systems with broadcast production applications and equipment.

MOS enables journalists to see, use, and control media devices inside the AP ENPS interface, removing the technical barriers so the individual pieces of newsroom production technology speak a common XML-based language.

This is a marriage of technologies that makes a lot of sense in the newsroom. With AP ENPS and MOS, everyone involved knows what's going on before it hits the air, which gives our producers a lot more control over content. The more control they have, the better our newscasts are, and the more we'll continue to excel.WGN-TV, Chicago, Illinois, USA


Through MOS, AP ENPS unites all aspects of the news production workflow. Information and media move seamlessly between the field and the newsroom, between assignment and production departments, all the way through to air and archive.

More than 100 companies work with AP on MOS-related projects, bringing seamless end-to-end workflows to AP ENPS. Compatible harware and software includes video editing, storage and management; automation; machine control; prompters; character generators; audio editing, store and management; web publishing, interactive TV, field transmission and graphics.