AP ENPS Anywhere

News Knows No Boundaries. Neither Should Your News Production System.

AP ENPS is the one system for your entire news organization whether your staff are working in the field or in the office. No matter where the AP ENPS user is, they can create content for your broadcast or digital platforms. AP ENPS Anywhere is enhanced with the world’s best mobile functionality. Send video and photos, create and edit stories, access planning, rundowns, contacts, news wires and message co-workers, all from your smartphone or tablet.

AP ENPS features a host of well-designed tools, including integrated two-way social media engagement; collaborative storyboards; personalized dashboards; a detached alert bar for messages and urgent news wires; a suite of mobile tools for smartphones, tablets and laptops; multi-location search; and the ability to upload media directly from wherever you are into stories back at home base.

AP ENPS also has proven integration with more than 50 media systems and products - audio, graphics, prompters, video, robotics and more. With unlimited scalability, your virtual newsroom can link journalists across the globe or across town, and exclusive AP ENPS buddy server technologies mean you never lose your ability to go on-air.

Now more than ever, AP ENPS Anywhere is the news production system for today’s multiplatform newsrooms.

Multiplatform integration
AP ENPS is designed to be the only system journalists need to create and publish content for multiple news platforms: broadcast, Web, mobile and social media. Start with any platform and quickly create multiple versions of a story anywhere you need it.

Collaborate with story-centric workflow
AP ENPS has a seamless, story-centric workflow that makes journalists more efficient than ever before. Create consistent story slugs at the planning desk that follow through to reporting, production and publication on any of your information platforms. Editors, producers, and reporters in all parts of your news organization are empowered to share and collaborate, whether in the same room or on the other side of the world.

A cornerstone of the story-centric workflow is the exclusive AP ENPS Storyboard. Storyboards are unique collaborative workspaces where you can easily find and share information, media and other elements of the day’s big stories. Producers and reporters simply drag and drop the information they need from a Storyboard into a story. Storyboards create an instant community of journalists working on the same story, enabling quick communication and ensuring everyone has access to new developments as they happen.

The right tools to tell a better story
The modern AP ENPS interface provides each user with the flexibility to control how and where content is displayed. Almost any window can be detached to use the extra workspace of multiple monitors. Windows can also be docked to the bottom of the screen for quick access when you need it. Side-by-side editing windows make it easy and efficient to create multiple versions of one story for different platforms.

  • The Dashboard lets you stay on top of what’s important to you. It has up to 12 windows that you can personalize to track real-time updates as stories develop and to watch new content arrive.
  • Drag and drop media from the field directly into AP ENPS, integrating it instantly to compatible media systems.
  • The enhanced wire viewer lets you easily save stories for later review and editing.
  • Never miss breaking news with the Alert Bar, which is always visible at the top of your screen. Internal messages and urgent wires remain right where you need them.
  • AP ENPS provides unmatched search capabilities - one query pulls up text, video, graphics and archives from anywhere in your system, including a single search across all connected AP ENPS locations.

Engage your audience through social media
Keep your social media conversations inside AP ENPS. Make your audience part of the story with two-way social media integration. Engage with them on Twitter and Facebook from inside a story, driving your coverage forward with feedback directly from your audience. Easily see the social activity within each story as well as via the Social Media Dashboard. All corporate social postings from within AP ENPS show a full audit trail of who posted what and when.Engage with them on Twitter and Facebook from inside a story, driving your coverage forward with feedback directly from your audience. Easily see the social activity within each story as well as via the Social Media Dashboard. All corporate social postings from within AP ENPS show a full audit trail of who posted what and when.

Calendar-based planning
Integrated calendar-based planning makes it simple to manage coverage across your organization in a familiar, user-friendly format. View planning by the day, week or month; display multiple planning grids with information from different locations; and easily drag and drop events into rundowns.

AP ENPS Mobile
News doesn’t happen in the newsroom. With AP ENPS Mobile, your staff will be productive in or out of the office with all the AP ENPS functionality they need, anywhere they need it. With the touch-friendly interface, staff can write stories for any platform, upload photos and video from the field, see instant updates on changes for breaking news, monitor assignments and rundowns, send messages to co-workers, and access contacts, news wires and Twitter feeds from smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. *The AP ENPS Mobile app for iOS and Android devices adds to the power of the mobile connectivity.*

With the Tablet Story Viewer (TSV), anchors and reporters can edit, read and review stories directly from their iPad or Android tablet - no more paper scripts. Story changes are updated instantly. The TSV also caches the content of the rundown, so the latest version of the script is available even if the wireless connection is interrupted.

Trust your election coverage to AP ENPS Stats
Take the hassle out of election night production. AP ENPS Stats automatically ingests the AP election wires and formats the races for output to broadcast and Web. Stats also allows local race input.

Get ahead of severe weather closings with AP ENPS OPENS
With OPENS, school systems and businesses can quickly get their delays and closings on the air in the event of severe weather. OPENS frees up your news staff, allowing approved organizations to input their important data directly into the password-protected system.


To learn more about AP ENPS, please contact us or request a live demonstration.