New Release – ENPS [UPDATED]

Today we released ENPS version, which has some really cool new features and some important bug fixes.

UPDATE 5/13 3:31PM: Whoops! We might’ve pulled the trigger a bit too fast on this one. We’ve put the previous release back up on the Download page while we get some things sorted. The new release will be back soon, promise!

Read on to learn more!

First, the new features!

Have you ever wanted to have all of your list windows pinned back every time you open a folder? Or maybe you prefer them detached? Now you can do either one! There’s a new Personal Setting that will let you decide which way you want list windows to open. And yes, for right now, it only affects list windows – so it won’t do anything to the Planning Calendar, Dashboard or anything else – but we’re hoping to add more options in the future.


We also added a new keyboard shortcut and right-click option so that replying to long Messages is easier and faster. (“What’s a long Message?” you ask? It’s whenever someone drags an item to the Message icon or uses the “Send as Message” button on the Ribbon.) In this version, you can do CTRL+SHIFT+R to start a reply and then CTRL+SHIFT+T to send it! Or, if you like your right-click options, there are new options for “Reply” and “Send Reply”.


Another thing new to this version – you can do the All Stories, Urgent Stories or any Forward Search to your Nav Bar! That way, it’s easier for you to get to the wires you most frequently need to see without having to go into the Wire Viewer.


There are also a looooooot of important bug fixes that we dropped into this release, including support for multicast in 8.0. The full details are in our Release Note, which is on our Download page.

If this sounds like something you want and/or need, go get the update now from our Downloads page and update today!