The Big Cheese (and other changes)

We’ve had some pretty big changes in our world lately, so we thought it might be a good idea to update you guys on what’s been going on.

Don’t worry – all of your favorite faces are still here! But we did move some responsibilities around and the biggest news – we found someone to help us run this crazy place!

First – and most importantly – we have a new Vice President and General Manager of ENPS! Some of you might know that Lee Perryman, who helped to start ENPS and was our leader for quite some time, retired at the end of last year. Since then, the AP searched intensively for someone who could help to drive ENPS to even greater heights…and we found him just on the other side of the building!

Brian Hopman is currently AP’s General Manager for Latin America and Spanish Markets – selling all sorts of AP content as well as ENPS. But he actually started his career installing, training and supporting ENPS (although we were really doing more support for Newscenter than ENPS at that time…It’s a long story – don’t ask.). Now he’s back with us again and very excited to be working with us again! If you want to know more, here’s AP’s press release on Brian’s new position.

We also did a little shuffling around amongst ourselves. First, Andy Wormser is adding Product Design to his title, making him the Director of Product Design and Operations, Americas. Basically, that means that while he continues to oversee our Operations team here in DC, he also will begin to look waaaaaay down the road at what we want ENPS to be and help to design and structure ENPS in way that anticipates what you might need to do your jobs even better in the future. Jason Smith, our former Director of Product Design, now becomes Director of Customer Engagement and Escalation, meaning that he’s now going to be focused on making sure that you – our customers – stay happy and stable while you’re using ENPS. It also means that if really big problems arise (and you’ll note that I said if), he’ll be there to lend an extra helping hand.

We’re excited to see where some of this re-organizing takes us and we really think this will help us to serve you even better than we did before. Please join us in welcoming Brian Hopman back to ENPS!