Post-NAB Catch-up

Phew! It has been a long few weeks – we had a great time at NAB. We had to spend all of last week following up on some of the great conversations we had while we were there and what we missed while we were gone.

Now that we’re back and have some bandwidth, we want to take some time to show you guys what we were talking about while were in Las Vegas so that those of you were weren’t there can get just as excited as those we got to see in person!

We’ll be sharing more as the week goes on, but here’s what we showed in a nutshell:

  • Statistical Reporting – A new feature that can be used to collect and analyze information about what’s going on inside of ENPS.
  • Linking – Follow the life of a story from conception to publication with one click!
  • Tagging – Enhance the metadata of your stories easily and categorize them for better organization later!
  • Mobile Notifications – Always know when someone sends you a topline message, no matter where you are!

And those are just some of the highlights! We’ll be talking more about each of those items in specific later on. Stay tuned!