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Did you know that ENPS 8.2 has been released?

AP ENPS announced the release of ENPS 8.2 in mid-July – our most technologically advanced version of ENPS ever.

The new AP ENPS features better performance, improved communication in house and in the field, and advanced search technology.

With new server technology in place, ENPS users are able to work faster. Receiving updates in real time, whether in house or in the field is dramatically improved with this release. Additionally, a new search technology improves the already-robust ENPS search experience.

For download instructions, please contact info at

NAB 2017

Are you planning on coming to Las Vegas for NAB 2017? With less than 50 days until the show, you better start making your plans to come see us now. We have free exhibit passes for those that want to come see us. We will be in our usual spot in South Lower, SL7606.


Together, we won an Emmy!

If you’ve spent any time in ENPS, you’ve noticed the three little letters – MOS. Now, you can call it the Emmy©-award-winning MOS!

During CES in Las Vegas, the MOS Protocol Group was awarded its Emmy by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences – the Technology and Engineering Achievement Committee.

We take it for granted today that you can create and view graphics and video inside ENPS (and at least some of the other guys). We depend on MOS devices sending us status on the video in our shows, but that wasn’t always the case.  MOS was born at an Associated Press/ENPS developer conference way back in 1998. At that meeting, nearly two dozen vendors and customers joined together to start the group. We’ve helped drive development since that time, making MOS so critical to newsrooms and control rooms across the globe.

More than 18 years later, the MOS Protocol is the industry standard for broadcast integration. The MOS Protocol has been implemented and embraced by hundreds of companies, and is in daily use in broadcast critical environments by thousands of newsroom staff and journalists across the globe. Ongoing development of the MOS Protocol is an open and cooperative effort by all members of the group, who meet formally twice a year, at the NAB and IBC conventions.

That’s an awful lot of work to make that integration. And if we’re all doing our jobs right, we make it look easy to you.