For almost two decades, AP ENPS has led the broadcast industry with MOS-based integration of dozens of audio, automation, graphics and video systems. Now, the Open API extends the power and reach of AP ENPS to support myriad use cases where traditional MOS-based integration may not be the best solution.

The Open API gives customers and vendor partners an easy method to create and deploy custom applications that leverage the data stored in AP ENPS.

The Open API could connect AP ENPS with a traffic system, CMS or an external database that gives a graphic look at all of the elements and costs that went into producing a newscast.

Applications of the Open API are only limited by your imagination

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AP ENPS is the one system for your entire news organization whether your staff are working in the field or in the office.

No matter where the AP ENPS user is, they can create content for your broadcast or digital platforms.

AP ENPS Anywhere is enhanced with the world’s best mobile functionality. Send video and photos, create and edit stories, access planning, rundowns, contacts, news wires and message co-workers, all from your smartphone or tablet.

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